QNT Nitrapure Choco Badam 2Kg

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  • Servings
  • 70%Protein
  • 2 kgWeight
  • 3 gCreatine

NITRAPURE 28g of protein, having whey protein concentrate as the prime source along with whey protein isolate which has muscle gain formula for improved recovery and lean muscle. It has the highest amount of protein per serving in the same segment.

Key Ingredients


28gm of Protein with Whey Protein concentrate as primary source having only 1gm of fat and 2.10gm of carbohydrates


50mg - Ginseng is known to be a strong antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. It may also aid in the improvement of cognitive processes such as memory, conduct, and mood. It may also help boost the immune system.




3gm(Highest in the segment)

Creatine is a substance that can be found in food such as meat or fish. It can also be naturally synthesized by the body via certain organs such as the liver and pancreas. Creatine is derived from 3 amino acids: arginine, glycine, and methionine. It has many benefits for optimizing your training sessions. In fact, you can improve athletic performance by increasing the stock of creatine in the body.


200 mg

May improve the individual’s ability to deal with stress. Stress increases the secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) which in turn increases the cortisol levels (stress hormone) in the body. Ashwagandha powder reduces the level of cortisol and helps to reduce stress and stress-related problems



Also known as B7, is a B-complex vitamin that aids in the conversion of food into energy. While eating meat, eggs, fish, seeds, nuts, and some vegetables might help you maintain a healthy biotin level, You may also take it as a daily supplement.

Advantages of QNT Nitrapure

-The highest amount of protein per serving.

-Whey Protein concentrate is the primary source of protein in this formula with an immense 28gm of protein per serving, but it also contains whey protein concentrate for quick absorption and digestion. When paired with training, it aids recuperation and may help with the growth of lean muscle mass.

-Helps in building strength and muscle

-This fast-acting whey protein solution can help you achieve your goals by boosting your performance.

-Nitropure has 150gm of creatine per jar which is the highest in the segment.