Authentic Supplement Store in India for Whey Protein, Health, Nutrition & Bodybuilding

Halt! An acronym of Health and Lifestyle Terminus was founded back in 2004 by two entrepreneur brothers Munit Sachdeva & Dinesh Sachdeva. The brand started out its venture with India’s 1st of its kind modern retail store for health and dietary supplements and has steadily grown to multiple outlets in and around the Chandigarh region.

Halt! has dedicated itself to providing its customers with everything that they need in their fitness journey. Over a period of the past 16 Years of Health and Wellness, Halt! has become the region’s #1 trusted and fastest-growing nutrition and supplement store chain with a wide range of products for health, wellness, fitness & bodybuilding. The website is merely an extension of the offline retail network with a clear focus of providing the same quality of service, commitment and high merchandise standards to the consumers across the country, making them easy to purchase & accessible all over India and a mission to become India’s #1 online retailer.

Halt! has a singular commitment policy “ Genuine Products at Genuine Prices”

There are several features that set Halt apart, such as:

  • The widest range of top bodybuilding supplements.
  • Option to compare products before purchasing them.
  • Learn about the products that you are purchasing in detail.
  • Benefit from exclusive discounts and offers.
  • Buy only authentic products sourced directly from the manufacturers.
  • High quality and safety standards.
  • Easy return and delivery policies.
  • 16 years of operation.
  • Best pricing assured always.
  • 100% authentic products.

Our Key Standards

  • Products delivered to customers are directly from us, without any middleman or 3rd This ensures that you always get an authentic supplement as the entire supply chain is controlled by us.
  • Product sourcing is directly taken care of by the promoters of the brand Halt! and not left to various employees, thereby removing any chances of conflict
  • The focus of Customer satisfaction and happiness is the No. 1 Priority.
  • The merchandise mix is hand-picked and includes the best products of the best brands.
  • We believe in the customers’ right to choose the best product from the extraordinary range of products that we make available to them. There is absolutely no push selling for any particular brand ever.
  • Ensuring a great user experience, fast delivery, and high-quality products. ALWAYS!
  • Committed to providing you genuine products at price points that are fair and affordable by all. We often run a lot of freebie offers and give away products including samples, gym gloves, shakers, gym bags, t-shirts and more to keep customers satisfied.
  • Help India become a fitter and stronger nation and a commitment to bringing quality products to support this cause.

Products we offer

We offer products for Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, Wellness and Accessories. Our best seller products and categories include Whey ProteinsMass GainersVitaminsBCAAsCreatinePre Workouts. We list and fulfill all popular and top supplement brands in India. Our best-seller brands include Optimum Nutrition, Muscletech, Ultimate Nutrition, One Science, Muscle mantra, Dymatize, Xtend, GNC, MusclePharm, Scitec Nutrition, Mutant, Isopure, GAT Sports, BPI, Kevin Leverone, Dorian Yates and many more.

Authenticity Guarantee

Halt! is the only online supplement store in India that can truly assure and guarantee authenticity. Halt! has over the years earned the reputation of being the most trusted destination for health and food supplements.

Halt! has been recognized by various awards given to it by Hindustan Times, Urban Melange and a host of other reputable organizations.

In fact, we are so confident about it that we encourage all our customers to make an unboxing video and share it on YouTube and we even give reward coupons for it. When purchasing from our website, you never have to worry about getting any illegal or harmful substance and be 100% confident that what you get will be a genuine product – ALWAYS!!