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whey protein

Muscle Mantra Pro Series Best Whey XT

Rs. 2,200.00Rs. 4,000.00
Muscle Mantra Best Whey XT Protein delivers an ultra-high quality macronutrient protein formula with high amounts of naturally occurring amino acids the body needs everyday. Whey Protein is essential in any nutrition regimen, regardless...
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Muscle Mantra Epic Series Acestar Whey Protein Powder

Rs. 2,400.00Rs. 4,500.00
Protein Supplement for Muscle Building and Recovery* Musclemantra Acestar Whey Protein is meant for athletes, body builders, sports-persons and active adults who are unable to meet their body’s protein requirements...
mass gainer

Muscle Mantra Epic Series Awesome Mass Gainer

Rs. 3,499.00Rs. 2,200.00
MUSCLE MANTRA AWESOME MASS GAINER High Calories Clean Carb FormulaHigh Concentration of BCAAsComplete Spectrum Amino Acid ProfileEnriched with vitamins and minerals HIGH CALORIE ENHANCED PEPTIDE AWESOME MASS PROTEIN Awesome Mass...
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Muscle Mantra Epic Series Iso Ace Isolate

Rs. 8,999.00Rs. 5,500.00
MUSCLE MANTRA ISO ACE Ultra-Pure Ultra-Premium Protein* ISO ACE Whey Protein Isolate is the purest form of whey protein isolate and hydrolysate.It contains minimal lactose, making it suitable for those...
isolate protein

Muscle Mantra Nitrofuel Lean Whey

Rs. 7,499.00Rs. 4,500.00
SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE PROTEIN Muscle Mantra Nitrofuel is a Lean Whey Isolate, which is the best whey protein supplement and protein powder for muscle gain. It is medically formulated to be a muscle...
pre workout

Muscle Mantra WIKID 2.0 Pre-Workout

Rs. 2,899.00Rs. 1,400.00
The caffeine wikid with 300 mg gives you the stamina and concentration required to optimize your exercise every minute. Betalanine 4 g. buying this Pre-Workout Online is going to assist...

Muscle Mantra ARM3D -Instantized BCAA with Glutamine & Taurine

Rs. 2,699.00Rs. 1,200.00
  Muscle Mantra ARM3D7 gm BCAA | 2 gm Citrulline Malate | 30 servings- Contains 3500mg L-leucine & 1750mg L-Isoleucine that helps in muscle growth , improves blood sugar levels...
Best amino acids

Muscle Mantra EAA Hydration 300 g

Rs. 2,599.00Rs. 1,600.00
Muscle Mantra EAA The essential amino acids perform varied roles in human body. They're involved in important processes such as tissue growth, energy production, immune function and nutrient absorption. The...
Muscle Mantra Creatine Monohydrate

Muscle Mantra Creatine Monohydrate

Rs. 1,399.00Rs. 800.00
  MUSCLEMANTRA MICRONIZED CREATINE MONOHYDRATE POWDER Key Features Micronized Boosts Muscle Energy Dissolves easily, can be mixed with water or juices Muscle Mantra Creatine helps increases the availability of the...
weight gain powder

Muscle Mantra CARBO PRO 3 kg (Unflavored)

Rs. 1,999.00Rs. 1,500.00
  Musclemantra Carbo ProConvenient way to get the required energy Sustained-release energy supplement* Easy to Digest convenient to use Ideal Energy Source for Active Individuals Maximizes glycogen synthesis & delays...
Muscle Mantra Hydrolysed Collagen Type 1&3

Muscle Mantra Hydrolysed Collagen Type 1&3

Rs. 2,299.00Rs. 1,500.00
  Key Features 200 gm of Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C to keep your skin glowing No Smell & Easy to Mix Available in Unflavoured and Orange...
Muscle Mantra Peanut Butter

Muscle Mantra Peanut Butter

Rs. 549.00
The Best Peanut Butter Online is MUSCLEMANTRA PEANUT BUTTER which helps you get the required protein in one scoop. INGREDIENTS: High Quality Roasted Peanuts OIL SEPARATION IS A NATURAL PROCESS, STIR WELL...