What is the franchise fee?

    Franchise Fee will be Rs 5 Lacs & for 3 Years.

    I don't retail and am not planning to own one. i would sell the products through my gym. Does that qualify me to take a franchisee?

    You can be qualified for the Franchisee. But you need to dedicate at least 150-300 Sqft and dedicated shelf to display the Product and branding of Halt.

    How much investment is needed initially? And, Is there any annual expenditure (total amount of product to be purchased) required?

    Franchisee Cost = 5 lakhs + Taxes and Minimum Stocks which you can purchase is of 7-8 lakhs to start with. Post that, we can process regular orders of 50k to 1 lakhs.

    What are the documents required and how long the process will take to finish?

    We need PAN, Photo , GST number , Location details , 1 address proof to start with. 

    Once I take the franchisee, Shall I get only the Halt authorized dealer certificate? Or, all the Partner’s Authorized dealer certificates (e.g. ON, Dymatize, Xtend, Cellucor) that Halt is associated with?

    You can get all the certificates which are provided to us on our behalf.

    What are the price margins in which I will receive the products (Halt’s own product and other products)?

    Overall margin structure comes to around 19-21% depending on the merchandise mix that you sell. Certain brands offer better margins while certain fast moving brands offer lower margins. So it is important that a merchandise mix is kept which enables you to maximise your profits.

    Is there any additional clause or things?

    1. i) All goods will be To Pay and you will have to bear the shipping charges. When its a bulk shipment, the cost comes to around 60-70 Rs per carton which may contain more than 4 pcs and if its small products it will cost you even lesser.
      ii) We will send you the draft contract for your reference.

    How will you support us in promotion of our Store?

    We will promote your store on all Google platform for ex. (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) also you’ll get the CS team support.

    What can I do if a particular product doesn’t gets sold from my end? Will I get refund for the same?

    You can return the products within 3 MONTHS and we will provide replacement for the same.

    What can I do if a particular product doesn’t gets sold from my end? Will I get refund for the same?

    The Minimum area required to open the franchise/Shop area of 150 Sq.ft.