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32 gm of Lean muscle protein with the additional advantage of weight loss formula.

By choosing Isoripped you are getting the highest amount of protein per serving in a similar price range.



Key Ingredients


Whey Protein Isolate - 32gm

The macronutrient is required for muscular growth. Fast-acting protein aids in the development and maintenance of your hard-earned gains.


L- carnitine - 500mg

Delivering L-carnitine, a metabolite of the amino acid L-carnitine that occurs naturally in the body and has been linked to energy metabolism.


CLA - 250mg

CLA is a popular food supplement for its many positive effects on the body. But its main advantage lies in its ability to help burn fat and thus significantly stimulate weight loss. Indeed, the CLA will interfere in the functioning of an enzyme whose function is to circulate the fat mass in the body to the cells.




When it comes to losing weight, you only want what you need. With 30g of fast-acting protein, we provide all of this in one convenient, delicious mix.


Lean muscle protein + Weight Loss  Formula


QNT ISO ripped is the combination of top quality whey protein isolate, L- carnitine, CLA which makes it perfect for weight loss.


As CLA prevents muscle loss, stimulating the growth of the lean mass, hence promoting weight loss.


And L-Carnitine is widely known for its fat burner properties. During workouts, the body burns energy that it will first draw from muscle glycogen. After a certain point, energy will also be drawn from fatty acids.


This is when carnitine comes in: it will help your body draw on fatty masses faster and more efficiently. By increasing the overall energy production of your body, pure muscle energy is, therefore, less required.

The increase in the level of carnitine in the body will indeed save muscle glycogen and therefore draw more energy from fat masses. L-carnitine, therefore, allows optimal fat burning.