GNC Pro Performance Thermo Burst Plus - 90 Tablets

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Proprietary Capsimax® For Complete Weight Management

GNC Pro Performance Thermo Burst Plus is made with the multifunctional weight-loss solution Capsimax®, an innovative ingredient derived from the concentrated extracts of red chili peppers, which generate heat in the body. Capsimax® containing fat-burning polyphenols is remarkably versatile because it simplifies your fat loss by covering all the core aspects of successful weight management, including metabolism boost, appetite control, breakdown of excess fat stores, healthy waist-to-hip ratio, and more. Moreover, Capsimax® is encapsulated using the revolutionary Omnibead technology for controlled release of capsaicinoids. This maximizes the efficiency and eliminates any possible discomfort caused by unprotected extracts. Each serving contains 150mg of Capsimax®.

 Boosts Metabolism For Shedding Maximum Calories

Thermo Burst Plus contains a wide array of superior metabolism boosters, namely extracts of Black Pepper (with alkaloid piperine), Shatahva Dill, and Amla along with L-Carnitine and Caffeine. These metabolism boosters trigger your body to burn maximum calories not just during workout but also while at rest. This way, weight loss is imminent with exercise but you’ll lose some calories even while not sweating it out at the gym.

 Burns Stored Fat For Faster & Healthier Weight Loss

Thermo Burst Plus is loaded with heat-generating ingredients, such as extracts of Ginger Root, Black Tea, Black Pepper, and Grape Seed, which actively trigger the breakdown of excess fat in your body, giving you a leaner and well-toned physique.

 Controls Unhealthy Cravings To Prevent Weight Gain

In addition to burning fats, Thermo Burst Plus also puts a lid on those untimely hunger episodes. As a consequence, you can effortlessly avoid any urges to binge eat at odd times; which eventually puts a stop to any more weight gain.

 Provides Energy To Keep You Active & Muscled Up

The L-Carnitine and other thermogenics in Thermo Burst Plus metabolize fat to produce a great amount of energy that you can utilize for building muscles and staying more productive in your daily life. Furthermore, Thermo Burst Plus is also enriched with 100% RDA of Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and C, which add up to the energy equation and majorly improve your body’s core biological functions.

 Boosts Focus & Workout Performance For Added Support

Thermo Burst Plus contains Caffeine, a strong stimulant that instantly wakes you up from any dull phase. It sharpens your focus and keeps you in the zone while working out. Caffeine picks your energy back up so you can go full throttle during workout and come out with incredible results.

 Improves Waist-To-Hip Ratio For a Well-Proportioned Physique

The Ginger Root Extract and other ingredients being potent fat burners proportionately eliminate excess fat around waist and hips to give you a toned, well-contoured body shape.

 Promotes Healthy Digestion & Reduces Stomach Discomfort

Thermo Burst Plus contains Black Leaf Tea Extract that promotes the growth of good bacteria while eradicating the bad ones, thus helping maintain a good gut environment. Black Pepper Extract helps stimulate the hydrochloric acid in your stomach so you digest the food better and absorb maximum nutrients from it. It also possesses carminative properties to protect your stomach from bloating and gassiness. Moreover, the added Amla Extract supports digestive health too.