Gaspari Nutrition Hyper Amino (Indian)

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Servings: 60


Flavors: Cola Soda

Cola Soda
Blood Orange

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Hyper Amino

  • Helps to maximise protein synthesis
  • Supports body's ability to recover more quickly
  • Promotes endurance, vasodilation and muscle pumps

Hyper Amino is a great alternative for coffee and energy drinks not only giving you the same energy boosting effect, but also ensuring your body gets all the necessarry amino acids at the same time.

This product includes a slew of performance enhancing amino acids such as BCAA's and other essential amino acids. Besides Hyper Amino also contains citrulline and arginine which promotes blood flow, therefore enhancing nutrient deliver to the muscles and other tissues. The energy matrix of the product includes ilex guayusa tea, green tea and guarana extract, which altogether deliver quick and long-lasting stimulant feeling. Use it anytime you need a lift in energy - before a workout or as an alternative for coffee mid-afternoon at work.

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Cola Soda, Blood Orange