Avvatar Whey Protein
Avvatar Whey Protein
Avvatar Whey Protein
Avvatar Whey Protein
Avvatar Whey Protein
Avvatar Whey Protein
Avvatar Whey Protein
Avvatar Whey Protein

Avvatar Whey Protein

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Quantity: 1 kg

1 kg
2 kg
4 kg

Flavors: Belgian Chocolate

Belgian Chocolate
Chocolate Hazelnut
Malai Kulfi
Cafe Mocha Swirl

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Customer Reviews

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anshuman S.
Avvatar Protein combi is the best


jignesh K.
amzing products

Avvatar Protein Whey Protein in my opinion is fantastic!!!...the taste is delicious. It gives me energy, endurance & really aids in hair & nail growth.. I love it!__

Avijit K.
Avvatar Protein is so finest

Love this powder! It is not too chocolatey so its not overpowering. It fills me up in the morning, at lunchtime, and in the afternoon. It has helped me lose weight which has always been a struggle in my life, going to keep using this to keep the weight down and to (hopefully) lose more! The only downside is that it doesn't come in a bigger container!

Himanshu T.
Avvatar Protein combi is the best

Great taste and consistency. Been buying for years

Sunanda S.
Avvatar Protein is so finest

I like the texture and taste of this flavour, the chocolate is really thick enough unlike other brands where its super diluted. I am a huge chocolate fan and this really serves me just right, very good texture (smooth) and rich chocolate.

    • 24g

      Builds strength and enables muscle growth

    • 5.3g

      Promotes protein synthesis and speeds up recovery after intense work out

    • 5.3g

      Builds new muscle tissue and enables cell recovery

    • 3.4g
      Glutamic Acid

      Maintains acid levels in the body, proper functioning of immune and digestive system

    • 170mg

      Maintains bone health, provides better hold for the muscles

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Belgian Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, Malai Kulfi, Cafe Mocha Swirl