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BUILD.: Brand Details

BUILD. was established in 2022 to provide top-notch products that empower you to reach your fitness objectives while ensuring a delightful experience. The brand aims to make sports nutrition accessible to all in India and educate every Indian about the significance of protein in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whether inside or outside the gym. BUILD. believes that sustained dedication with proper nutrition can enable anyone to achieve fitness.

BUILD. offers a wide range of nutrition supplements, including protein powders, mass gainers, amino acids, omega-3, pre-workout, fat burners and essential multivitamins.

BUILD. head office

Pursuit of Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

503, Shrikant Chambers Premises CHS LTD., Sion Trombay Road, Chembur East, Mumbai - 400071

Contact number: +91-22-62674858

Email ID:

Why choose BUILD.?

  1. No synthetic additives: BUILD. products are free from artificial additives. Protein, micronutrients and flavours added are sourced internationally to deliver the best-in-class products.
  2. Superior formulations: The products are carefully formulated, considering the nutrition needs in compliance with nutrition guidelines while ensuring no compromise on taste and quality.

How to check the authenticity of BUILD. products?

One can verify the authenticity of BUILD. products using the scratch code provided by the brand behind every product at

Which is the best-selling BUILD. product?

BUILD. PROWL Advanced Series Pro Mass Gainer is one of the best-sellers at Halt. It provides 10 g of protein and 80 grams of carbohydrates per 100 g serving to support your weight and mass gaining goals. This high-calorie mass gainer is also enriched with creatine monohydrate and digestive enzymes for better nutrient absorption, enhanced strength and speedy muscle recovery. Anyone can enjoy this delicious mass gainer with both milk and water.

Where to buy BUILD. products?

You can buy BUILD. products online at Halt sources from authorized channel partners, and buying from Halt ensures you get original products directly without any middlemen, quality customer service, fast delivery, and best price deals for all BUILD. products.