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Fitness is one of the essential aspects of a person’s personality. Not only it makes you look attractive, though it is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Bodybuilders have taken fitness to a perfectly toned and muscular body. They work on every single muscle to make it highlighted and visible to the audience during the representation. Following them, most of the individuals aim to build muscles for an attractive look and a healthier body. Everyone thinks regular gym sessions and an ordinary diet will help them to reach their fitness goals. However, an ordinary diet cannot fulfil your protein requirements for bodybuilding and muscle growth. Here whey protein comes into play.

What whey protein exactly is?

Most people do not know what exactly it is. Whey means a liquid that remains behind after the creation of curd from milk. Meanwhile, a protein isolated from the whey is known as whey protein. It is not limited to a single protein as it is consists of alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, and serum albumin. A mixture of these proteins fulfils all your daily protein requirements. That is the reason why it is considered the best supplement for bodybuilding. It promotes better muscle growth without producing unnecessary fat in the body. You can consume it in the form of powder, liquid, and bars according to preference.

The necessity of whey protein for bodybuilding:

It plays a crucial role in bodybuilding and muscle growth. No doubt, it promotes but is not limited to muscle growth only. There are varieties of characteristics that make it necessary for bodybuilding. For better clarification, I searched out 4 major benefits that you need to know.

  1. Weight management:

Either your fitness goal is to reduce weight or build up a muscular body, whey protein is essential in both situations. It helps you in maintaining perfect weight according to your height. The fact is it optimizes metabolism rate according to requirement and maintain BMI (Body Mass Index) during bodybuilding, consists of amino acids that promote muscle growth and weight management.

  1. Better Recovery:

Known for recovering gym injuries and pathogens. It increases good bacteria, antioxidants, etc. that reduces inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a response of the body to injuries that happened during bodybuilding. Reduction in inflammation decreases the chances of tissue damage, pathogens, and other injuries. Moreover, it improves the body’s recovering properties for a better recovery of injuries.

  1. Reduction in unnecessary hunger:

Unnecessary hunger and overeating are the main causes of overweight. It happens with many people in which they face a lack of fullness and feel hungry all the time. To satisfy that hunger, they eat more than the requirement of the body. Many prefer it as its best solution to reduce this kind of hunger as it consists of three macronutrients i.e., fat, carbs, and protein. Individuals who consume whey protein feel satiated and do not face unnecessary hunger. Reduction in hunger indirectly reduces in weight and weight management.

  1. Overall fitness:

It improves the overall fitness of the body. Its regular consumption prevents your body from both physical and mental illnesses. It reduces health problems such as high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, also has anti-cancer properties that reduce glutathione in cancer cells and prevents an individual from cancer. Moreover, it is beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental problems. Individuals who consume whey protein have better immunity and antioxidants defences that help the human body from infectious diseases.

Different kinds of whey protein:

Upgradation is the rule of nature. Like everything, whey protein has been upgraded with time. It is developed according to the need and preferences of its users. It’s categorized into 3 main types mentioned below.

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate:

WPC is the most preferred and used widely around the world. From processed foods to protein powders, WPC is used in different edibles for better nutrition. It consists of 80% protein including milk sugar (lactose) and fat constraints. WPC promotes overall health, weight gain, muscle growth, and much more. Also, this type of whey protein has the best taste and you can add flavors to it according to your preferences. WPC is a perfect choice for individuals who prefer taste along with nutrition.

  1. Whey Protein Isolate:

WPI is an advanced version of WPC with improved protein content. It has more than 90% protein content and features low lactose as compare to WPC. This protein is used by individuals who want to build up a muscular body with a low-fat percentage. WPI fulfils all the protein requirements of a bodybuilder without increasing fat in his body. It is considered as best protein to increase muscle mass and building a perfectly toned body. However, it lacks most of the essential nutrients and is much expensive as compare to WPC.

  1. Whey Protein Hydrolysate:

It is the strongest whey protein among all the categories. WPH has the highest insulin that promotes endurance and muscle building. It features 30% more insulin without glucose than WPC and WPI. Similar to WPI, it has more than 90% protein content. That is the reason why health practitioners and bodybuilders prefer WPH more than any other. However, WPH is worst in terms of taste and you cannot add any kinds of flavors to it. It will not be a good choice for individuals who prefer taste along with nutrients. Also, WPH is the most expensive and needs further processing at the time of consumption.

Which one to Buy?

As discussed above, there are three types each one of them has their own different properties. Which one buy, Choosing the right whey protein is necessary for better muscle growth and achieving fitness goals. Look into the 3 factors-

  1. Fitness Goal:

Everyone has a different fitness goal. Some people consume whey protein to grow their muscles whereas, some take it for weight loss. Your fitness goal is one of the most important factors to consider. It determines what type of nutrients you want. If you are lean and want to build a muscular body then it’s concentrate is the best choice for you. It has 80% protein content, fat, and other essential nutrients that will grow your muscles along with adding required fat to your body. In case your goal is just to maintain your fitness and stay energetic throughout the workout, you should buy Whey protein isolate for better results. WPI features high protein content of 90% and low fat to maintain the correct BMI score of your body. Whereas, Whey protein hydrolysate has more than 90% protein content and 28% more insulin. It is considered best for weight loss and muscle growth.

  1. Body Type:

Body type mostly affects the decision to choose the right whey protein. Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph are the three main types of the human body. Endomorphs develop the highest fat in their body and need whey protein that helps in weight management. If you are an endomorph, then must buy hydrolysate. The ectomorphs are thin and have a very low-fat percentage in their bodies. They need to consume Whey protein concentrate for better development of muscles. Mesomorph is the best body type with balanced BMI and muscle mass. They only need to maintain their fitness with the help of Whey protein isolate.

  1. Training Duration:

Besides fitness goals and body type, training duration also matters while choosing a whey protein. Training duration means the time you train your muscles during a workout. Longer the workout session, the higher the energy you need. Protein is the best source of stamina and energy. If your training session is of more than 3 hours, you should buy a whey protein that has high protein content. Whereas a mild protein content is enough if you train for less than one hour. The reason behind both the facts is you need more energy during long workout sessions as compare to shorter ones.

Best whey protein brand

It seems to be a confusing task to choose from a large number of options. Your buying decision depends on your preference and fitness goal. So, you should buy a supplement that has required protein content and other essential nutrition according to your requirements, you can check out their price per 1 kg. Listed some best whey protein brands for you-

  • GNC
  • NitroTech
  • Impact
  • MuscleTech
  • Dymatize
  • Ultimate nutrition
  • Prostar

All the above are mentioned after analyzing the ingredients and prices of all the brands available in the market. These 7 brands are best in terms of price and ingredients they are providing. You can choose from any of them according to your requirements and fitness goals.

Is whey protein safe?

Choosing the right whey protein is a different thing, most people do not know how to consume it properly. You need to consume it in perfect quantity and at the right time to get the expected results. Either you are using it for muscle growth or weight loss, it is important to mix it up properly before consumption.

First, you need to calculate the correct protein intake that your body requires. Multiply your weight in kilograms with 0.8. This will give you the exact quantity of protein you need to consume.

If you talk about timings, you can consume whey protein before a workout, after a workout, and in between training sessions as well. It depends on what type of workout you are doing and what is your fitness goal. For instance, if you want to rebuild your muscle fiber and want to lift a heavy load, then you should consume it before the workout.

Most people have a question, “is whey protein safe”? The answer is definitely yes. It is very much safe and beneficial for the body but its overdosage can harm the body. All you need to do is to consume it in the right quantity. On average, consume whey protein not more than 50 grams per day to prevent overdosage.

Ending Words:

Whey protein is a safe and best source of protein for muscle growth, bodybuilding, and weight management. Make sure you are buying original whey protein powder to get the expected results. Halt nutrition deals with genuine whey protein powder and supplements at the best price. Buy whey protein from our website and get the most reasonable price in India.

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